Why Choose Us?

(why us - exp) bookshelfExperienced

(why us - conv) carConvenient

  • We have years of tutoring experience
  • We have an extensive curriculum
  • We tailor the course for our students
  • We teach students how to think, not what to think
  • We have tutors  all over Metro Vancouver
  • We come to you and match your busy schedules
  • We accept on-demand bookings
  • We offer online classes

 Success Stories

 (succ) trophy

Doris' tutor testimonial. Chinese edition

– D. Zhu

agonzales' testimonial

– A. Gonzales (69% to 89% in 1 term)

 matt chow's tutor testimonial

– M. Chow (currently studying at Brown University)

 kaylyn's tutor testimonial

– K. Chew (studied with us until her graduation in 2017)

How Much Do We Charge?


Enough to attract the best tutors we can get our hands on.

That means between $25 to $50 per hour depending on the grade level.  We teach anything from Kindergarten to 3rd Year University.

Don’t fall behind, get started now!